donderdag 9 juli 2015

Road to Maxing 7: 9 July 2015

Road to Maxing: 99 WC!

Good news! School is over! Summer holiday means a lot of time for RS!

I know it's been some time since I last updated... Whoops... Well, I kinda just was too lazy to write a post. But I thought I should get one out today, so here is it!
First of all I am proud to tell you all that I have gotten another cape! 99 WC this time, the afk grind was real x3 I'm very happy with my cape, it's the third I have. And it's an afk one done!

So three capes down, 23 more to go... I'm currently busy with working on six different capes... Six? Yeah, six ^_^ Slayer gets me to train six different skills in total, excluding Range. Along the way to 99 slayer, I for sure will get two other capes. 93 HP and 91 def currently, so those will be 99 soon.

Slayer has been fun, earlier on I got my first Sirenic scales at Dark beast. They are sure a nice task :3

Next to normal slayer, I've started doing some reaper tasks. Getting kc for a General Graador reaper, I saw a lootbeam. I thought it was a spirit gem troll, but when I looked, there was laying a pair of Bandos WP boots for me on the ground ^_^ Also a big thanks to lil Princi, who helped me out on that reaper!

The day after that, not on reaper, but just for fun, I went to Kree'Arra with Fedek. Getting kc there, I also got a piece of WP: Arma Helm. And not only Arma follower gave me something, also the big bird left something for us. In the little over an hour we were there, we got a glove drop, and a skirt. A few mil split ^_^ I'm looking forward to going back there with Fedek, and we will for sure soon do that ^_^

So here my stats:

My goals for the next time are:
-95 Slay
-95 Def
-95 HP
-80 Mage
-100m XP
-2140 skill total


zondag 21 juni 2015

Road to Maxing 6: 21 June 2015

Road to maxing: 90 slayer and 2100 total!

It's been some time (and quite some levels) since my last post, so after achieving two milestones I thought it would be time to make an update. As you can see in the title, the two milestones I achieved were 90 slayer and 2100 total level!

The past week, when I wasn't studying, I was either slaying, or gearing up for slayer. A great deal of tasks later, and some anger at Morvran for all greater demon tasks (I have never done Zammy), yesterday I finally achieved 90 slayer! So it was time to sell my loot tab again, and it contained some wonderful loot!

 It was soo much loot it didn't even fit in one screenshot! Also, if you wonder why there is a chaotic shield in there, it is because the loot from all the clues and the items for the clues I got whilst on the road to 90 slayer also are in there.

Also I got two courtcases, and quite some rdt-drops (including 50 rune bars).

Also I did a few reapers, including a Kree'arra and a KBD. KBD was already mentioned in the previous post, so you already know about the drag rider boots. At Kree'arra with A FutureSelf, Future got a Arma Glove drop! So after a kill or 75 I finally got something there.

So after selling most of the loot, and alching the other part, I have gotten a ton of spendable cash now! A good 21m as you can see in the picture to the side. Now again I'm working on my next loot tab, which will be from 90-95.

 On task, about a 30 minutes ago, at desert strykes, I hit my other milestone of 2100 total.

So if you're wondering what I'm going to do now, then my answer is slayer. I'm going to continue slayer for quite a while, and once summer break starts, I'll slay even more!

Next to slayer, I'll continue on wc, trying to get the last two levels there.

If you're asking what I'm going to do with the cash I got off slayer, I have no clue. Maybe some prayer or so, or maybe herb or sum. Can you please leave your opinion on what I should do with my cash?

So here my overall stats and such, I thought I would do it in a bit different fashion, so you also can see my xp and quests ^_^

I'll see you with the next update!

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Road to Maxing 5: 10 June 2015

Road to Maxing 5: Getting 99 Range!

It's been some time since I have updated, I know... Been busy with school, exam period is almost there. I was planning on updating earlier, but I've been quite busy with school, hosting events and getting 99 range.

Yes, you read that right, I got 99 Range! Finally! 2 down, 24 more to go!And finally a trimmed cape, I love it ^_^

After a lot of training, slayer, spending a few mil on the abyss, and grinding out waterfiends, last Sunday, so the 7th of June, I achieved the cape! For all my friends (and clanmates) who were there, I thank you a lot!

A beautiful spam by my clan leader in the picture, and a second later a ton of spam in my clan chat!
And I think one of my friends collected the arrow that got me the level, well, he can keep it ^_^

Other than range I have been busy with Slayer. I achieved both 70 attack and 70 strength on a desert stryke task, so my 70's cape is in! Up to 80's cape. Weeeelll, maybe, another time, not soon.

Currently my goals are getting 75 att and 75 mage, via slayer. Also I want to get 90 slay (so I can sell my slay tab again and get some mils to spend), and get the curses. That means I will be training combat and questing a ton in the upcoming time.

However, as exams start next week, I will be afk-ing quite a lot. Mostly this will be cutting crystal trees, to get closer to Cape #3. The times I won't be afk-ing, slay will be my top priority. I hope Morvran keeps asigning fun things, and not too much strykes, nechryaels and more of that sorts ^_^

Other news:
-x Adam x (previously Gaminq) was streaming KBD, which we were killing with three man. On the stream, I got a lootbeam, a beautiful pair of dragon rider boots! That was 800k each ^_^
-I went down to asc for some range training, and in two hours there, I managed to pick up 4 keys. Two quartus and two sextus.
-Tuska comes (WE3) is currently going on, and after getting Tuska's Wrath (lovely ability), I'm going for the Tuska WP armour. So soon I'll have those, and then I'm going down to DKS with a friend.


zondag 24 mei 2015

Road to Maxing 4: 24 May 2015

Road to Maxing: Morvran sells my tab!

To get a bit into regular updates, an update today! So earlier today, I achieved one of my long term goals of getting to Morvran. I finally achieved 85 slayer, on a gargoyle task. Good (profitable) way to say goodbye to Kuradal. Well, I might visit her for her dungeon...

So once I got to 85 slay, I decided to sell my tab. This I did after finishing off my task ofcourse ^_^

So this is what is in it. A lot of stuff, some clue items at the end. Alching the rune and dragon stuff took some time, but added a little profit, and 68 magic.

For those who say, why do you sell it already? Why don't you keep it till 99 and then sell it all in one go? I sold it now because I like to sell it at regular intervals, of five slayer levels. So I'll sell my next tab at 90 slayer.

Also, those of you that have a keen eye, they see some herbs missing. This is because I gave them away to a random person. Little act of kindness of that day.

For some reasons I got my first ferocious ring today, and another three followed. Also, I still haven't come around to doing the hard clue in the bottom line, been too lazy and too busy with slayer.

For those of you who want to know what it all sold and alched for, here it is:

Why is there an hexcrest there? I had two in my tab, and I sold one. One I kept for my slayer helmet. Off the money I got from selling my tab, I bought a focus sight, and made my full slayer helmet.  So now I also have that one ^_^

What is in my tab, but isn't included in the selling is one drag long mainhand, one fire staff and one air battle staff. This is because they're part of my weaponry.

Next to that I gave the soft clay away to a friend, so he can work on his crafting whilst being f2p.

Well, onto Morvran. His welcome was an opportunity for a special assignment. I said no, since I'm not going to do any new bosses today. So he gave me some Steel Drags. Nice task, same kind of drops as always. Drag long mainhand. After that I had a desert stryke task.. Meh, not really fun.

However, whilst I was doing my task, a strange occurance happened. Tuska appeared! I have no screenshot of this, sadly, though I do have the speculations about it from my clan chat.

This occurance was at 9PM for me, so 7PM gametime. Tuska is finally coming! Whoosh!

So who to align with? I'm a fan of Seren, but she doesn't fight here.

WE 1 I backed Saradomin
WE 2 I backed Armadyl

This event I'll probs back Armadyl again, since that is the coolest override of a spear. Since there was nothing dark enough for my liking (I love dark colours), the white spear looked the best in my opinion.

Other news:
Somewhere this past week I got my first KK kills, kc for KK is at 4.
I got 95 range, and also 96! Close to a cape!


woensdag 20 mei 2015

Road to Maxing 3: 20 May 2015

Road to maxing: Slayer and more!

Small update to tell what I've been up to! After a loong scouting weekend, I came back to see the last part of the slayer and bossing weekend. So the most logical thing to do was to cap. Well, citadel reset was on Saturday morning, and I prefer to cap as soon as possible. So I did that.

I had a little help of Rocky and Fluffy, our two avatars, who also kept me company on my slayer tasks and my wc-ing.

Monday I spent most of the day wc-ing, trying to get some afk xp. Later on Monday I went on a Kree'arra trip for my aviansie task. No special drops, however, within a few kills of eachother I got 85 hp, 92 range and 81 slayer. Me happy, clan chat spammed with all the gratzz and such.

Few tasks later, I got to kill Steel Dragon from Kuradal, and I had two lootbeams: on my third kill a dragon plateskirt, and third last kill a dragon longsword. Two nice lootbeams! I was happy with that, adds nice to my slay tab.

Then, after a Nechryael task (not my favourites, nice xp though), I had a gargoyle task. Ton of rune items, can't complain ^_^ Also had a lootbeam there, mystic robe.

Just finished off my jungle strykewyrm task whilst writing this, and holy mother of strykewyrms, on my last kill I had a lootbeam. Me thinking it is a spirit gem troll, I expected another one of them. But then I looked, and holy mother of strykewyrms, it was a hexcrest. Even better, since I was doing the task with my mask, and it was a 10th kill (double drop), it were two of them! A nice two mill to my slayer tab.

So talking about my slayer tab, this is it:
Some random stuff, not the most organised. This is what I've gotten the past two levels, so from 80 to 82. I'm keeping it until 99, though I might have to sell stuff occasionally for bonds.

For those who don't know what is in the top left corner, that's one of the bones for Rag and Boneman wishlist. I get them occasionally, and if I have a collection of them I clean and polish them and hand them in. 

Also, down below will be my stats, as they increased some too ^_^ Will be going on with a few tasks of slayer today, and maybe a few quests.120 cb I gained with my 92 range, so now I only need three more slayer levels before I am bothering Morvran (as he thinks too lowly of me at the moment :c )

Well, gonna do the clue scroll I also got of my strykes, and I'll update later this week, towards the weekend!


donderdag 7 mei 2015

Road to Maxing 2: 07 May 2015

Road to Maxing: 2000 total level, slayer, and more!

As I am writing this, I'm doing a dust devil slayer task. Kuradal wasn't the kindest today, earlier on I had a fire giant task... However, those two tasks are compensated by a steel dragon task. A dragon was so kind to leave me a dragon plateskirt. Later also one of its friends also left me a rune longsword, so that was a nice addition to my cash stack.

The reason for updating today, and not in the weekend, is that I gained my 2000th level today! At the end of my playing time yesterday, I gained my level 80 in mining, and I was on 1999 total level. So I went to some slayer, hoping range would be the 2000th level.

However, this was not the case, as 2,5k from the level, there was a Wbs. So I thought I'd do a quick wbs, the first one ever. After walking the wrong way (west instead of east), and backtracking some, I found the warband and I could loot 18 farming supplies. These handed in for a beautiful 40k xp, and a level 68 farm.

The past few days I've been working on trying to get my royal crossbow (I still haven't been able to brandish it, my luck :D). After about 9 or 10 deaths on Tuesday I gave up, and haven't returned since then, I'll try again soon enough ^_^.

Yesterday I spent most of my day down in the Living Rock Caverns, mining coal for hours on an end. After about 2,1k coal this brought me a nice level 80 in mining, meaning one quest point cape req less.

Today I spent my day slaying, starting with a desert stryke task, moving on to fire giants, steel dragons, and now a dust devil. Once I'm done with this task, I can finally get killing blows! Gargoyles, here I come!

With slaying, I got 91 Range, as well as 80 Slayer. The 91 Range also brought me to 119 combat. 

Since this weekend it's Dungeoneering Bonus Weekend, I'll be spending my time in Daemonheim, trying to obtain my Charming Imp. Since I'm only 43k tokens away, this wil probably be gained tomorrow or Saturday. The rest of the weekend I'll spend Slaying and finishing off the Road Trip.

From Monday onwards I'll be back to school, so wc-ing will then be my normal training. Good thing to do during classes and whilst making homework and studying! So if you want to find me in game, search near the ivy's in the Crwys area of Prifdinnas!

Also, feel free to join my fc at Asana, I'll be in there most of the time!


zondag 3 mei 2015

Road to Maxing 1: 04 May 2015

Road to Maxing: The start of the Blog

Here and now I decided to make a blog about my road to Max-cape. As I am writing this, I'm afk-ing smithing for a daily.

A little about me:
I'm Asana, previously known under these names:
-Aeth Elunore
I'm a member of the Hunt community, and holding the rank of Coordinator there. My previous clans include The Realm of XP, Devils Hug Army, Black Panterz and a few more.

I started playing back in 2008, when I still was a small kid. I soon forgot about RuneScape, and didn't play for over 4 years. Through a happy coincidense, I found out about it again in late 2012, and I started playing again. This, however, was not on my original account, as I didn't know the details of it back then. So I got the (second) account from a friend of mine, playing under the name of 1000roos1000 for a time. During the Battle of Lumbridge I joined my first clan: The Black Panterz, a Dutch rs-clan. Some time later, with a few of that clan, we made our own. Eventually, that fell apart, and I joined The Realm of XP, where I soon rose in ranks, until a week ago I was ranked Overseer. However, this clan became too inactive, and we decided to merge with Hunt, where I'm currently reciding. I love the clan to no extent!

In real life I'm still a student, entering my exam year in September. I'm from the Netherlands, after moving there when I was small. Previously I've lived in Sweden. I speak fluent English, and Dutch, and basic level of Spanish, French and Swedish. 

This is my normal set-up:

As of the 21th of April, I own my first skill-cape, earning 99 FM.

My normal set-up, including FM-cape!

A longtime goal of mine is Maxing, and this blog will keep any reader that is there, up-to-date with my RS goal!

At this very moment this are my stats:

As you can see, my main focus at the moment is getting my cape Trimmed, either with Range or with Woodcutting.

The skill I love the most is Range, along with Slayer, and Fletching.

What I am working towards next to trimming my cape, is getting my milestone 70 cape. Only a few skills left! Also I hope to soon get that total level to 2000, as I'm so close, yet not there!

I hope that you as a reader of my blog can enjoy what I write, and I'm looking forwards to making more posts! As I am on May-break right now, I have a lot of time, however, once I go back to school, I'll be more afk-ing.